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24X12 Flame Maple Pedalboard - Ready to Ship 18X12 Walnut Pedalboard - Ready to Ship
Our Price: $438.99
Our Price: $393.99
West Coast Flame Maple Angled Pedalboard - Ready to Ship West Coast Walnut Angled Pedalboard - Ready to Ship

West Coast Pedalboard - Angled Hardwood Pedal Boards 24X12 Walnut Pedalboard - Ready to Ship
Our Price: $179.99
Our Price: $415.99
West Coast Standard Angled Hardwood Pedalboards West Coast Walnut Angled Pedalboard - Ready to Ship

The West Coast Standard Hardwood Series is a high quality rig without "custom" pricing. Choose from 4 different standard sizes(12"X18",12"X24", 16"X28" and 16"X34" ), and 5 different wood frames: Eastern Black Walnut, Zebra, Sapele, Flamed Maple & Padouk. Add one or both of our optional electronics package (1 guitar input, 1 amp out and/or 2 FX Loop ports featuring soldered Mogami 2319 cable & 90 degree Switchcraft 228 pancake jacks. Choose from several AC power input options for easy pedal power supply hookups. Every board comes standard with our Super Loop top deck material, removable rack handles, 4 to 12 cable access slots(depending on size board), non slip feet & West Coast insignia! Add an optional Pro Gigbag, hardcore or road case now or later for the perfect portability and protection!

***All International orders will ship with the appropriate electronics options for your region. All orders will be confirmed prior to shipment to assure proper function upon receipt***

West Coast Pedalboard - Little Rock West Coast Pedalboard - Marshall Style Silver Jubilee
Our Price: $96.99
Our Price: $169.99
West Coast Standard Little Rock Angled Pedalboards West Coast Amp Match - Marshall Jubilee Angled Pedalboard and Case
The West Coast Standard Little Rock is great platform for any player with 1-5 pedals. Choose from 3 sizes; 7"X13",7"X17", 7"X21", 17 Color Options: Black Carbon Fiber | Fender Style's Black, Amber Lacquered Tweed, Raw Tweed, Smooth & Rough Brown, Smooth & Rough Blonde & Seafood Green | Orange Amp Orange | Marshall Purple | Country Brown| Mesa Boogie Black | Vox Fawn | Red, Navy & Cream Bronco | Cornish Gray( 2 guitar input/amp output jacks with Mogami cable leads and switchcraft pancake 90's. Every board comes with a power cable access hole to hook up a pedal power supply on the bottom of the board. Included is our exclusive Super Loop; a no frizz, high stick pedalboard deck material grip your pedals tight and a cable access slot to route power and patch cables..

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