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24X12 Padouk Hardwood Pedalboard - Ready to Ship 18X12 Seafoam Green - Ready to Ship
Our Price: $353.99
Our Price: $219.99
West Coast Padouk Wood Angled Pedalboard - Ready to Ship West Coast Standard Flat Pedalboard in seafoam green & ready to ship

West Coast Pedalboard - Top Shelf Record Cab Pedalboard Audio Input Jacks
Our Price: $109.99
West Coast Vinyl Record Storage Solution Audio jack assemblies for pedalboards

When choosing the tele style, you'll get the silver or black jack plate and 1 mono or stereo jack that screws into the plate.  If choosing the Neutrick version, its a standalone piece all in one that works in either mono (TS) or stereo (TRS) modes.
West Coast Combo - 18X12 - Ready to Ship West Coast Pedalboard - Little Rock Nerd
Our Price: $820.99
Our Price: $139.99
Colored Series in Gray Ghost and Red Vox Case, flame maple board with all the bells, all the whistles! West Coast Standard Little Rock Angled Pedalboards

The West Coast Little Rock Nerd is great platform for any player with 1-5 pedals. Choose from 3 popular sizes; 13X7", 17"X7", 21"X7", 5 different wood frame choices (Walnut, Zebra, Sapele, Flame Maple & Padouk), plus an optional electronics choices( 2 guitar input/amp output jacks with Mogami 2319 cable leads and Switchcraft 228 pancake 90's. A soldered main AC power input can power any pedal power device in the world optional Square D swappable panel style outlets. Our exclusive Super Loop; a no frizz, high stick pedalboard deck material grips your pedals tight and running power and patch cables are easy with our cable access slat system.

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