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Utility guitar and electronic instrument utility effect pedals.
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Pedalboard Buffer pedal
West Coast Pedalboard Buffer Pedal
List Price: $72.99
Our Price: $66.00
Savings: $6.99

Our pedalboard friendly buffer circuit is a unity gain amplifier with high input impedance and low output impedance. What does that mean: this utility pedal will immediately restore that original tone your accustomed to when plugging your instrument directly into your amp; doesn't matter how many pedals are on your board. The Painkiller whips your tone back into shape immediately! Guitar, bass, fiddle, sax, cello, name it! Re-store your tone with the easily installable, made in the USA pedalboard buffer pedal. Easily powers from a standard 9V Boss style adapter.

**No battery power functionality, it will need power preferably from a high quality isolated power supply **

**Release Notes**
1-25 - Sparkle Green Enclosure
26-50 - Silver Enclosure
51-75 - Cream Enclosure w/Pure Tone 1/4” Jacks
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