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Audio and media jacks from West Coast Pedal Board.  Pedalboard parts from Neutrik; locking jacks, Fender style tele guitar jacks, Switchcraft mono jacks and more...
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Audio jack assemblies for pedalboards
Pedalboard Audio Input Jacks

When choosing the tele style, you'll get the silver or black jack plate and 1 mono or stereo jack that screws into the plate.  If choosing the Neutrick version, its a standalone piece all in one that works in either mono (TS) or stereo (TRS) modes.
Solderless jacks for pedalboards
Pedalboard Solderless Jack

Just kidding, we don't use or sell these. Think of it like this, most touring musicians rely on reliability, its rare to find them using solder less cables, jacks or pedalboard patch cable kits. All of our patch cables, pedalboard lead cables etc are soldered and warrantied for life. We choose to do it this way for reliability.

If you do decide to find these solder less plugs elsewhere, make sure Neutrik makes them, all others will be cheaply made import knock-offs.
Solder-less pedalboard patch cable kit, pick what you want & easily assemble the cables
GnH Industries / Abbatron B52 Solderless Pick Your Kit

We are pleased to introduce you to a new line of solder-less audio connectors. We have been using GnH solder plugs since our start in 2012; so when they launched their B52's, it was natural to start offering their high quality/reliable cable & plugs in a customizable kit.

1. Pick the quantity in feet of solder-less cable that you need
2. Select the quantity of solder-less jacks

The jacks can either be used as right angle, or straight. No need to buy two separate versions!

Media & audio jacks for pedalboards
Pedalboard Input/Output Jacks

Choose many types of media and audio connectors.  If your looking for pedalboard parts, you came to right spot.  Order everything you need to dial in your DIY board.
Solder your own custom pedalboard patch cables
Patch Cable DIY Pack

When reliability is crucial; soldered Mogami cable plus Switchcraft jacks will give you peace of mind. The components provided to construct your custom set of cables are chosen for quality, industry standard recognition, durability, reliability and function. The assembly is really easy, and when done properly, will provide many years of reliable service!

Choose the cable quantity, jack orientation & quantity. Each jack purchased also includes a piece of 1/2" heat shrink tubing.

If you need a random number, or different jack orientation, here are separate links to each individual item for individual quantity purchase. Allowing you further customization of your kit.

If you have any other questions, or need something that isn't listed, call 707.836.7440 to talk to Spence...

Mogami Cable for Pedalboards
Mogami Cable
Our Price: $1.50

We use Mogami cable for almost all of the cables we build.  Select from Mogami's premier pedalboard patch cable or instrument cable.  Soldering is required and this is sold by the foot.  Instructions NOT included and returns are not accepted unless there is a manufacturer defect.
Audio jacks for pedalboard parts and accessories
Switchcraft 12B Stereo Input/Output Jacks
Our Price: $3.00

Use this high quality switchcraft jack with any stereo cable.  These easily mount to our tele style jack plates.  We commonly use these when wiring an amplifier foot switch connector on the side of a board. Instructions NOT included!
Audio jacks for pedalboards Switchcraft 228
Pedalboard Patch Cable Pancake Jacks - Switchcraft 228
Our Price: $4.00
Sale Price: $3.50
Savings: $0.50

Build your own 90 degree, 1/4" pancake jacked, high quality, transparent toned patch cables with the industry leading Switchcraft 228 pancake plug. This ia a mono plug and really easy to solder, super high reliability and work excellent with our Mogami 2319 patch cable.

Instructions included in video format below...!
Audio jacks for pedalboards
Pedalboard Patch Cable Jacks Right Angle - Switchcraft 226
Our Price: $4.25
Sale Price: $3.70
Savings: $0.55

Audio jacks for pedalboards
Pedalboard Patch Cable Jacks Straight - GnH Stubby
Our Price: $4.10

Puretone Audio jacks for pedalboard parts and accessories
Pure Tone Input/Output Jacks
Our Price: $4.20

The new innovative & extremely high quality Pure Tone 1/4" phone jack is the new standard at West Coast Pedal Board.  These can be used with our bulk Mogami cable to make your own pedalboard cable leads.  These were originally designed to replace the old school input jack on your guitars.  Try these for an immediate, simple & noticable upgrade!   Instructions NOT included!
Pedalboard Audio Input/Output Harness
Pro Audio Harness For Guitar In, Out, FX Loop - DIY
Our Price: $23.00
Sale Price: $19.00
Savings: $4.00

This item is per 1 assembly. If you need 2, then you need to order 2.

When choosing the stereo version of this cable, we will use Mogami 2552 cable and a Switchcraft right angle 236

Easily add a very useful function to your pedalboard. This audio wiring harness is a complete assembly soldered and tested for seamless and professional results. If you want to add any type of audio interface, we use high quality parts, materials and assembly techniques. The assembly includes one (1) of your choice tele style(chrome, black or gold) jack plate with switchcraft input jack, or black locking Neutrick input jacks. The mono version has a Switchcraft 228 right angle pancake connector. These can be used to feed your first pedal, or as an output from your last pedal to feed your amp(s). It also can be used for other signal routing function such as FX LOOPS etc. These can be made in a stereo cable version as well; most commonly used for integrating your amp switching capabilities onto the board.

All lead cable is high fidelity Mogami cable, used on all of our Standard Series and Custom Shop West Coast Pedalboards.

All hardware is included to complete this easy DIY installation.

Instructions Located on our Download Page.
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