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Need to mount some pedals to your board?  Here are several products we use in the shop on a daily basis.  Pedal board velcro style products to acheive pro results. You'll also find pedalboard cable management accessories in here.
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Pedalboard wire clamp kit for the ultimate in pedalboard cable management.
Pedalboard Screw & Cable Management Clamp Kit
Our Price: $6.25

This kit comes with a variety of twenty (20) 1/4" & 1/2" black plastic cable clamps and black 1/2" truss screws. These are perfectly useful for securing pedal power and patch cables to the pedalboard. Allows a professional and clean installation for the ultimate in pedalboard cable management.

Instructions are NOT included.
Hook side self adhesive velcro for pedal fastening
Pedalboard Velcro - Pedal Fastener - Super Hook
Our Price: $7.00

Our Super Hook is industrial strength. When properly adhered to the backs of your pedals, this will be a truly lasting solution. When used in conjunction with our Super Loop deck material, you'll experience pedal grip like never before. The main reason these products work so well together, is the hook and the loop material are paired up to work with each other perfectly. This material is 1" wide, and split down the center making two .5" wide strips. Available in 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 foot sections.

Perfect for pedals, controllers, pedal power devices and any other devices that can be placed on a pedalboard.

How much do I need? Since the material is split into two sections, a 2 foot piece equals 4' of .5" wide material. When installing, we always install 2 strips on the longest side of the pedal/device. The 2 foot section will cover 4 pedals that are 6" on the longest side.

***Make sure the pedal surface area is clean of any debris, including previously installed velcro type products. Make sure that any obstructions such as rubber backing (found on Boss pedals) and rubber feet are removed. This product works best when its adhered to metal; heating it gently with a heat gun can also increase the adhesive backed grip quality. Avoid installing when the pedal or device is cold, we've found that 60-80 degrees is ideal. Also avoid covering screws & screw holes. You won't need much when installed properly; we usually put 1 strip down each of the longest sides of the pedals***
Dual-Lock Low Profile Pedalboard 3M
Pedalboard Velcro Dual Lock 250 - Pedal Fastener
Our Price: $8.00

This super duty material is used primarily on boards where ultra secure pedal placement is desired. 3M Dual Lock 250 is a universal fastener that will go on the pedal side & the pedalboard deck. Dual Lock WON'T work on, or with our Super Loop deck top material, but will work on our poly top decks, under side of boards to secure pedal power devices and other pedal boarding gear. When installed properly, this product is extremely grippy. This particular Dual Lock is 1" wide, 250 mushrooms per sq/inch & is adhesive backed. Perfect for pedals, controllers, pedal power devices and any other devices that can be placed on a pedalboard. Instructions NOT Included...!
Pedalboard parts adhesive
Super Spray Adhesive
Our Price: $8.75

***This has to be shipped via USPS Ground as it is flammable, even if you choose a faster shipping method during checkout, it has to ship via USPS ground service, NO EXCEPTION***

This contact adhesive is amazing for laying down tolex, tweeds and the West Coast Super Loop pedal board deck material. Spray both surfaces with a nice even coat and within seconds, the pieces are ready to go together, forever and is high temperature rated!

We sell this in a half can (7oz) and full can (15oz) format. Half can is good for 12X24- 19X36, recommend the full can for larger sizes

These are spray cans with an adjustable, no clog nozzle. Spray someones leg hair and watch them get furious. Use in well ventilated area with proper eye and respiration protection.

**Shipping Notes***
Flammable contents can only be shipped via ground shipping. If you order multiple items, we can break the shipment up and send this separately if you need to have the other parts in your order show up faster. Additional shipping charges will apply and you must call in to make arrangements prior to ordering

Instructions Located on our Download Page.
The best pedalboard velcro deck material ever!!
Pedal Board Carpet - A West Coast EXCLUSIVE - Super Loop
Our Price: $13.50

West Coast Pedalboards Super Loop is the premier pedalboard deck material, boasting excellent adherence, NEVER looses grip and.... it NEVER frizzes. Extreme durability even at the Pro touring level.... We sell A ton of the 12",17", 21", 23" and 28" width's, but can go as wide as 60 inches & various lengths. If you need a piece that is larger than what is listed, call or email your dims. If your look ing for a piece that in-between 2 of the sizes, choose the larger size and you'll be able to cut it down after installation. Inferior materials can look the same but ours has a lifetime no frizz guarantee! Our Super Loop is the most reliable loop material in the industry. Install with a high tack spray contact adhesive like this and never worry about loose pedals again!

James had this to say about it, and I quote, "Super loop from west coast pedalboard. Just had mine today... It's the fucking tits." So there ya have it folks...

Instructions Located on our Download Page.
Cable Management Kit
West Coast Accessory Kit
Our Price: $14.00

An assortment of 20 1/4" and 1/2" black nylon cable straps with screws.  These have screw hole's to secure the strap securely wherever you need it.  Twenty (20) 1/2" black phillips truss screws to mount the straps. 3' of 1" wide loop side fastener (velcro) for securing pedals to the pedal board deck.  One (1) user manual for tips on how to get a professional installation result.
Velcro Pedalboard Top Kit for DIY pedalboard
Do It Yourself - Pedalboard Deck Kit
List Price: $27.50
Our Price: $24.50
Savings: $3.00

***This kit has to be shipped via Ground Shipping because flammable contents can't be air shipped. During checkout, use the Ground Shipping option. This product isn't available for any international shipments at this time***

Choose from many popular sizes of West Coast Pedal Boards exclusive Super Loop pedalboard deck material(starting at $13.00), 1/2 can of our super sticky, high temp rated spray contact adhesive ($8.75) and 2 Rack Handles with mounting hardware($4.75). $27.50 if purchased separately... Written and Video Instructions Available

Instructions Located on our Download Page.

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