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Many varieties of tolex, tweed and textiles for the master pedalboard builder!
Purchase from many different color options and sizes to fit your DIY pedalboard project. If you need a particular pattern and style that isn't listed, we likely have it, or can quickly get it, please call into the shop and talk to Spence! If you are trying to do a match to an existing material, and you aren't sure what its called, send us a close up image of the material to: spencer AT westcoastpedalboard.com
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Tolex and tweed textile options to wrap your pedalboard
Pedalboard Fabric - Tolex, Tweed & Vinyl
Our Price: $5.95

This category has many different textiles used to wrap a pedalboard frame. We sell this in two cuts: 1 full yard or 1/3 yard.

1 Yard = 36"X54" | 2 Yards = 72"X54" | 3 Yards = 108"X54"
1/3 Yard = 11"X54" | 2/3 Yard = 24"X54"

Need some Glue for the project?

**Due to the constraints of mechanical reproduction, colors may not be 100% accurate. Product will be in one continuous segment, ( unless separate quantities are ordered) cut to the ordered length.

***Please note: because tolex needs to be cut, we cannot accept any returns, no exceptions.***

The best pedalboard velcro deck material ever!!
Pedal Board Carpet - A West Coast EXCLUSIVE - Super Loop
Our Price: $13.50

West Coast Pedalboards Super Loop is the premier pedalboard deck material, boasting excellent adherence, NEVER looses grip and.... it NEVER frizzes. Extreme durability even at the Pro touring level.... We sell A ton of the 12",17", 21", 23" and 28" width's, but can go as wide as 60 inches & various lengths. If you need a piece that is larger than what is listed, call or email your dims. If your look ing for a piece that in-between 2 of the sizes, choose the larger size and you'll be able to cut it down after installation. Inferior materials can look the same but ours has a lifetime no frizz guarantee! Our Super Loop is the most reliable loop material in the industry. Install with a high tack spray contact adhesive like this and never worry about loose pedals again!

James had this to say about it, and I quote, "Super loop from west coast pedalboard. Just had mine today... It's the fucking tits." So there ya have it folks...

Instructions Located on our Download Page.
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