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The section includes parts and complete customizable assemblies enabling  various different pedal board powering applications.  If you can't find what your looking for here, please let us know, we do TONS of custom harness'.  You can call in :707.836.7440 or email Spence directly!
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Modular Pedalboard Power Harness System for DIY pedalboard power needs.  Super easy to install, and highly customizable.
Modular Pedalboard Power Pigtail

Our highly innovative Modular Pedalboard Power Harness System is designed to perfectly accept any power pigtail option listed here! The system allows you to easily and quickly swap out the pigtail interface to allow whatever type of power requirement your pedalboard and pedal powering device(s) need.

If you don't already have the base system, head over here. The base system kit comes with one power pigtail assembly that quickly connects to the base system.

Power Pigtail Assembly:
  • choose which power pigtail assembly fits your pedal powering device, then select the proper option from the drop down.
  • each pigtail is approximately 10" long
  • if you need to power 2 separate pedal power devices, we have a Y Splitter Cable that feeds two seperate pigtail assemblies
We have every type of connector available, so if yours isn't listed, please message in and we will accommodate!

The pigtail assembly connects via the Deutsch Connector system, a world renown connection method that gained popularity for its rugged, reliable and easy to use design.

Includes all mounting hardware required for a professional installation.

If you need a custom harness made, please give us a call and we will accommodate...

Grab an IEC Power Cable offered at different lengths.

Popular adaptor converts 3-prong grounded plugs for use in 2-prong outlets. Separate grounding ring mounts to cover screw.
AC 3 Prong Grounding Plug Adapter
Our Price: $4.00
Sale Price: $1.00
Savings: $3.00

Easy to use and install, this useful adaptor converts 3-prong grounded plugs for use in 2-prong outlets. Separate grounding ring mounts to cover screw.

Pedalboard AC Power in IEC port
IEC 5-15 Male AC Inlet 120-250 Volts
Our Price: $2.25
Sale Price: $1.75
Savings: $0.50

IEC port to add AC power input function to your pedalboard. Add some juice to your pedalboard quickly and easily.  Soldering and a cable lead will be required to complete this super easy DIY project.
#20 AWG Cloth wrapped stranded wire
Cloth Wire #20AWG
Our Price: $3.00

Included is 1 of each: 18" strands of black, white and green vintage style, cloth wrapped stranded copper wire.  This is UL listed and rated up to 105 degrees C at 600 Volts.  If you don't know what this means, then please don't buy it.  This comes with no warranty, instruction manual, user guide or technical support.  It is awesome stuff though and if you know that you need it, its perfect.  If you need a bit extra, let us know in the notes section during checkout.
Pedalboard Indicator Lamp Jewel Lens
Jewel Lens
Our Price: $3.50

Replacement jewel lenses for all Fender Style indicator lamp applications.  All the colors are available here for same day shipping.  Easy to replace and they look amazing.  If your mood changes, choose another new color to fit it.
Pedalboard Master Power Switch - Carling
Toggle Switch for 110-250V Power
Our Price: $4.20

This SPST toggle switch is what we use to create a master on/off power switch for a pedalboard. It's rated for 110V at 6 Amps & 250Volts at 3 Amps. It's also RoHS compliant. Includes mounting hardware. INSTRUCTIONS not INCLUDED..

Instructions Located on our Download Page.
IEC power cords for west coast pedalboards
IEC Power Cord for Pedalboards 110-250Volts
Our Price: $6.00

Our IEC Power Cord comes standard for US 110V applications but can work internationally up to 250Volts. All cables are made from 18 Gauge wire. A male plug that inserts into most every US wall outlet, and the pedalboard side has a female or C13 (computer plug) that works with most of our input ports is the standard cable. You can customize your cable for international use, and have custom connectors installed to fit whatever country your in, or whatever connector type you need. (Please make sure that your pedalboard gear will support the correct amperage and voltage of your destination). These come in various lengths, wire gauge, amperage, voltage and features our new cable armor. Select your options from down menu's.

***These can also be used as cable leads for our popular DIY AC inlet power ports: Female Locking or Male IEC type***
Replacement Bulb for Indicator Lamp Jewel Lens
Jewel Lamp Replacement Bulb 110Volt US/Canada Only
Our Price: $7.50

Replacement bulb for our indicator lamp applications used with all West Coast Pedal Boards.  Easy to replace and simple installation.
Pedalboard power strip with 3 ports
Power Strip 3 Port Low Profile
Our Price: $8.00

This 3 Port female Edison low profile power strip comes with 3', 16AWG cord with Edison style male wall plug. The plug end can be cut off, and soldered to our IEC AC power input ports. It can also be cut and wired directly into our locking flush mount power inlets.

110V Only & UL listed.
Pedalboard Indicator Lamp Fender Style
Indicator Lamp Holder - Dial Indicator
Our Price: $10.00

These dial indicators are rated for 110V ONLY! We highly recommend using our lights for proper functionality as well; they are somewhat proprietary to this indicator dial; long life, LED bulbs.

Instructions Located on our Download Page.
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