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You've found the world's leading Do It Your-Self (DIY) pedalboard parts, kits, harness', assembles, components & supplies shop! We've supported the DIY master in all of you since we've began in early 2012. Not only do we have the best quality components, but if you find it some where else for less, we'll match it!

Call 707.836.7440 if you have any questions.

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Audio jack assemblies for pedalboards
Pedalboard Audio Input Jacks

When choosing the tele style, you'll get the silver or black jack plate and 1 mono or stereo jack that screws into the plate.  If choosing the Neutrick version, its a standalone piece all in one that works in either mono (TS) or stereo (TRS) modes.
Media & audio jacks for pedalboards
Pedalboard Input/Output Jacks

Choose many types of media and audio connectors.  If your looking for pedalboard parts, you came to right spot.  Order everything you need to dial in your DIY board.
Pedalboard wiring harness master power, indicator light and power input
Electrical Harness for Toggle/Indy Light & Pedal Power Device
Our Price: $69.00

Our most popular harness to date; it's a multi-function, fully complete wiring harness. Soldered & tested for an easy installation as well as reliable high quality service. The assembly includes either an 5-15 IEC power input connector or 3 blade Edison style plugin(used to plug in wall power). Cable leads are then soldered to a Carling master ON/OFF power switch & indicator lamp assembly. An 18" power cord is pig-tailed in allowing you to power most pedal powering devices. 110V Only. Includes all mounting hardware, LED indicator bulb, and your choice of indy lens color.

If you need a custom harness made, please give us a call and we will accommodate...

We hot glue and heat shrink all the solder points. If you need extra length of cable for the Indy lamp, power switch or pigtail let us know in the comment section during checkout. There MAY be an additional charge...

Instructions Located on our Download Page.

Grab an IEC Power Cable offered at different lengths.

Electronics Kit for DIY
Do It Yourself - Pedalboard Electronics Kit 3
List Price: $119.00
Our Price: $104.99
Savings: $14.01

2 audio harness' with your choice of either (2) two black locking Neutrick 1/4" or Tele Jacks with 18" soldered Mogami cable and switchcraft pancake plugs ($38.00) (1) one IEC 5-15 or 3 Prong Male Edison AC power inlet wiring harness with a Carling master ON/OFF toggle switch, & 1 Fender style jewel lamp assembly with LED bulb and your choice of lens color($69.00), (1) 6' 18AWG IEC power cable($12.00).

$119.00 if purchased separately.

When we build the wiring harness, the indicator lamp wires and toggle switch wires are also soldered onto the IEC connector. We then hot glue the soldered part of the assembly for safe operation. Please let us know if you need a longer run of the indicator lamp wire in the notes section at checkout.

Do you need additional audio harness'?
Instructions Located on our Download Page.
Complete purple heart DIY pedalboard kit
Do It Yourself - Purpleheart Pedalboard Pack
Our Price: $129.99

Purpleheart DIY Pedalboard Kit Complete

A beautifully complete DIY pedalboard kit offered with everything needed to build an awesome board. Choose a size & any other add-on options you'd like to create a true custom DIY board. Each kit comes complete with all necessary hardware.

The base price includes everything all the parts you need to build a pro quality board:
  • 3/4" half blind dove tailed pieces
  • Non Slip Rubber feet & hardware
  • Supporting brackets & hardware for top deck
  • Top deck piece cut from .5" Latvian birch ply
  • Super Loop velcro top deck material
  • Optional Add-On electronics, cases & accessories
Drillin, screwin, cuttin, routin, gougin, wrastle-in, gluein, solderin may be required. Installation IS required & instructions are NOT included!
Logo Plate Chrome or Gold
Custom Logo Plate
Our Price: $35.00

Want to have a custom logo plate made for your board/case? Have a logo or name you want etched into either Silver and black or gold and black? These come with 4 stainless steel or gold plated screws; depending on the color logo plate you choose! Don't have artwork, no problem. We will dial this in for you!

***Pricing is an estimate only***
Wah Fastener - Pedalboard Parts
Wah Fastener
Our Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $8.99
Savings: $6.00

The StageTrix Wah Fastener™ is our latest product we have shown at NAMM in 2012 and 2013. The concept was to offer a solution to mounting typical wahs like those classics from Crybaby and Vox. After the Wah Fastener has been road tested it is finally ready for prime time.
Stage Trix Pedal Fastener 3 in a package
Pedal Fastener 3 Pack
Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Savings: $3.00

The Pedal Fastener is a hook fastener designed specifically for attaching pedals to pedalboards. It features industrial strength adhesive optimized to stick to the rubber on the back of most pedals and hold fast up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius).

The optionally removable center preserves the specification sticker. Now players can move beyond over-sized rolls of low-quality generic fastener and attach pedals the professional way.
Setting Saver
Setting Saver
Our Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.49
Savings: $1.50

The StageTrix Setting Saver had been originally announced during the 2012 NAMM Show in Anaheim California for late Spring release. In making sure all beta testing was completed, and striving for affordable recyclable packaging, we are finally ready to start shipping the Setting Saver™.

We have seen multiple ways for people to mark the settings on their amplifiers, effects pedals and mixing consoles, but non seemed easy and convenient. Everything now changes with the introduction of the Setting Saver™. A marker that applies a clean, bright fluorescent green ink to mark your settings. The ink is easily removed by wiping it off with your finger, and will not leave any markings when removed (use only on smooth, non-porus surfaces). Donnie Spada (guitar tech for No Doubt, The Offspring, 311) said this about the Setting Saver™: "Easy to read, easy to clean, no more pieces of tape or grease pens".
pedal riser
Pedal Riser
Our Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Savings: $5.00

The Pedal Riser raises your second row of pedals to the perfect height, and has drop-in-from-the-top™ cable routing features that clean up your messy cables.
Soldered pedalboard cable
Patch Cable
Our Price: $13.99

When reliability is crucial; soldered Mogami cable and Switchcraft 90 degree pancake jacks make up our pedalboard patch cables.  Components chosen for sound quality, industry standard recognition, durability, reliability, function and looks. Each cable is soldered and tested for continuity and clean signal. Choose different lengths and quantities. Cable armor and different jack orientation selections and jack plugs are available in our Cable Custom Shop. Great for wiring up your pedalboard and come with a limited life time warranty.
Custom pedalboard patch cable
Patch Cable Custom Shop
Our Price: $13.99

Soldered Mogami cable, a great selection of Switchcraft pancake plugs, GnH jacks, different jack orientations and cable armor options. Build your own custom instrument cable in 4 easy steps.. Perfect for players who care about translucent signal tone and durability. Choose from these custom features in the drop down menu's.

  • LENGTH: select the length
  • CABLE ARMOR: a high strength, extremely durable exterior jacket that runs the entire span of the cable
  • JACK ORIENTATION: Straight/Straight | Straight/ Right | Right/Right Angle jacks
  • JACK TYPES: Switchcraft Pancake 90 | Switchcraft Straight | GH Nickel 90 or Straight | GH Gold 90 or Straight
Audio jacks for pedalboard parts and accessories
Switchcraft Input/Output Jacks
Our Price: $2.00

Use this high quality switchcraft jack with our bulk Mogami cable to make your own cable leads and/or patch cables.  Choose either a mono or stereo(TRS) connector; these are really easy to solder.  Instructions NOT included!
Tech Tools - Guitar Stand with Padding
Jackson's Guitar Stands - jAXE Stands
Our Price: $20.00

Audio jacks for pedalboards
Pedalboard Patch Cable Jacks Straight - Switchcraft 380
Our Price: $4.10

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