Pedalboard Input/Output Jacks West Coast Pedalboard - Little Rock
Our Price: $96.99
Media & audio jacks for pedalboards West Coast Standard Little Rock Angled Pedalboards
Choose many types of media and audio connectors.  If your looking for pedalboard parts, you came to right spot.  Order everything you need to dial in your DIY board. The West Coast Standard Little Rock is great platform for any player with 1-5 pedals. Choose from 3 sizes; 7"X13",7"X17", 7"X21", 17 Color Options: Black Carbon Fiber | Fender Style's Black, Amber Lacquered Tweed, Raw Tweed, Smooth & Rough Brown, Smooth & Rough Blonde & Seafood Green | Orange Amp Orange | Marshall Purple | Country Brown| Mesa Boogie Black | Vox Fawn | Red, Navy & Cream Bronco | Cornish Gray( 2 guitar input/amp output jacks with Mogami cable leads and switchcraft pancake 90's. Every board comes with a power cable access hole to hook up a pedal power supply on the bottom of the board. Included is our exclusive Super Loop; a no frizz, high stick pedalboard deck material grip your pedals tight and a cable access slot to route power and patch cables..

West Coast Pedalboard - Marshall Style Silver Jubilee Electrical Harness for Toggle/Indy Light & Pedal Power Device
Our Price: $169.99
Our Price: $69.00
West Coast Amp Match - Marshall Jubilee Angled Pedalboard and Case Pedalboard master wiring harness: power supply, indicator light and power input

Our most popular power harness: a multi-function, fully complete wiring harness with AC power in, master On/Off toggle, indicator lamp and pedal power supply hookup. Soldered & tested for an easy installation as well as reliable high quality service. The assembly includes either an 5-15 IEC power input connector or 3 blade Edison style plugin, both used to plug in wall power. Cable leads are then soldered to a Carling master ON/OFF power switch & indicator lamp assembly. A 12" power cord is pig-tailed in allowing you to power most pedal powering devices. This harness ONLY works at 110V, so if your in the US, Mexico and Canada, your good to go! Includes all mounting hardware and download instructions below.

If you need a custom harness made, please give us a call and we will accommodate...

We seal and heat shrink all the solder points. If you need extra length of cable for the Indy lamp, power switch or pigtail let us know in the comment section during checkout. There MAY be an additional charge...

Instructions Located on our Download Page.

Grab an IEC Power Cable offered at different lengths.

Modular Pedalboard Power Harness System Pedalboard Patch Cable DIY Pack
Our Price: $18.50
Modular Pedalboard Power Harness System for DIY pedalboard power needs.  Super easy to install, and highly customizable. Solder your own custom pedalboard patch cables with this custom pedalboard cable kit.
Never worry about switching pedal power devices, again!

Our highly innovative Modular Pedalboard Power Harness System is super easy to install. The system allows you to easily and quickly swap out the pigtail interface to satisfy whatever type of power requirement your pedalboard and pedal powering device(s) require!

The base system is a permanent installation including:
  • Choose our 5-15 IEC or 3 blade Edison style AC power inlet (used to plug in wall power).
  • The optional toggle switch option enables Master On/Off switching capabilities.
  • The optional Fender style indicator lamp for those who prefer extra mojo. The indicator lamp option ONLY works at 110V... 220 & 240V coming soon!
Power Pigtail:

The pigtail assembly connects via the Deutsch Connector system, a world renown connection method that gained popularity for its rugged, reliable and easy to use design.

Includes all mounting hardware required for a professional installation.

If you need a custom harness made, please give us a call and we will accommodate...

Installation Instructions

Grab an IEC Power Cable offered at different lengths.

When reliability is crucial; soldered Mogami cable, Switchcraft and GnH jacks will give you peace of mind. The components provided to construct your custom set of cables are chosen for quality, industry standard recognition, durability, reliability and function. The assembly is really easy, and when done properly, will provide many years of reliable service!

Choose the cable quantity, jack orientation & quantity. Each jack purchased also includes a piece of 1/2" heat shrink tubing, except the GnH mini right angle VLP's.

If you need a random number, or different jack orientation, here are separate links to each individual item for individual quantity purchase. Allowing you further customization of your kit.

If you have any other questions, or need something that isn't listed, call 707.836.7440 to talk with Spence...

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